Q. - What do all these abbreviations mean above the Card's value?

A. - These are the abbreviations of the Card's rarity.
       RA = Regular Art
       FA = Full Art
       RR = Rainbow Rare (Also known as HR = Hyper Rare)
       SR = Secret Rare

Q. - How do I tell the difference between cards that have multiple versions of itself?

A. - Every Card in the Card Value Guide is categorized by it's Set, Rarity, & For Promos, their Collection Number. You must learn to identify the Card's set it comes from, & it's collection number.
You can find this by it's Expansion Set Symbol which is located on the bottom left or right of the card.

After identifying the Set Symbol you can find the name of the set by matching the Set Symbol to it's corresponding name up top in the Pack Values section of the Card Value Guide.

‚ÄčQ. - What is the best packs to use for trading?

A. - Usually, most players want the most recent pack (Unbroken Bonds) or the best Standard pack (Which also happens to be Unbroken Bonds at the moment) when accepting trades. Other great packs to use as well are Packs that are worth 1.0, or over the 1.0 Ratio on the Pack Values section of the Card Value Guide.

Q. - Should I trade at exactly these prices listed?

A. - I, OU7C4ST, strive to keep these prices as accurately as I can. However, it is highly recommended to cross-reference all Public Trades before accepting, or setting up any offers.

I have not completed my full 100% conversion to being robotic quite yet. So human error can play a part in a price being inaccurate at times.

Also, a general misconception about this game is that there are fixed prices, or a price everyone should abide to. That's simply not true. The game itself runs as a "Free Market" economy. Prices are determined on supply & demand, among other factors. There is no real exact price on anything.

Q. - How do I know I am trading correctly? If something says it's worth "5", what does that mean?

A.- It means you must trade packs that equal the value of 5. Like Cards, Packs also have values. Some are worth more than others.

So let's say you want to buy a card that's worth 5. You can see that Team Up is worth 1.0.
That means you would trade 5 Team Up packs to equal the 5.0 ratio of that Card's value.
If you try to trade with a pack that is worth only 0.5, you would then have to trade 10 of those 0.5:1 packs to equal a 5.0 ratio (The card's price).

Q. - I noticed it says "Unstable" / "TBA" for some of the prices on certain cards. What does this mean?

A. - It means currently the card is most likely being sold or bought in several different price ranges, to where the Card Value Guide can't pinpoint an accurate price on said card. This is the case for many newer cards, or cards that have recently showcased doing well at IRL Tournaments.

Q. - Who runs the Card Value Guide?

A. - That would be OU7C4ST himself. Not only is OU7C4ST the name of the website, but the username of the player who runs all of this! :)

Q. - How does OU7C4ST determine prices?

A. - Research, Research, Research!

Evaluating public trades, testing trades himself to find the average of card prices, talking to experienced traders/players, looking up code card costs of Expansion Sets & Promo Cards, watching IRL Tournaments that could create a demand for certain cards that are in the top winning decks, analyzing new cards coming out that could create a demand or lack of demand for current cards already out, & much, much more!

Q. - I have a question that doesn't seem to be answered here. How do I contact OU7C4ST?

A. - You can contact OU7C4ST by Tweeting to him @OU7C4ST, or you can send an anonymous message through Sarahah. You can find the Sarahah link on the top of the Card Value Guide. OU7C4ST will occasionally answer Sarahah messages by Tweeting out a response. However, he does see all messages sent via Sarahah, so don't worry.