This guide covers all methods of earning Tokens and Packs in PTCGO.


If your primary goal in PTCGO is to efficiently maximize your Collection, you should prioritize the following list:

Tutorial Mode - Complete Tutorial Mode
Trainer Challenge – Defeat all AI Trainers
Daily Challenge – Complete all active Daily Challenges
Versus – Play against other players online
Events/Tournaments – Play in Tournaments to win prizes

​*Trainer Challenge*

Completing the Trainer Challenge is the top-priority, after completing Tutorial Mode, when you start out in PTCGO.

However, once you do complete Trainer Challenge with 4-Star completions on all AI Trainers, you should move on to different methods for earning Tokens and Packs.


The Trainer Challenge is the most effective game mode to grind when you have a very limited card collection (or don’t have one at all). As an added bonus, you can earn 45 locked 10-card Booster packs if you achieve 4-Stars against all AI Trainers collectively in all difficulties.

There are 3 Leagues of increasing Trainer difficulty: Gold, Platinum, and City Championship. There are 12 Trainers in each League (for a total of 36 Trainer matches). To progress in the Leagues, you must defeat the Trainers in order. Every time you win a game against an AI Trainer, you will obtain a Star. There are 4 stars(wins) you need to complete against each AI Trainer.

You can go back and play against any Trainer as many times as you want if you would like. However, you will stop earning Tokens after a certain point.

Trainer Challenge Reward Mechanics

The following table summarizes all possible rewards and associated conditions in Trainer Challenge:

*Daily Challenge*

Daily Challenges promote deck variation, strategic creativity, and reward frequent play. Prioritize completing all feasible active Daily Challenges.


The Daily Challenge system rewards players with Tokens, locked Booster packs, and gameplay items for completing specific in-game objectives. You may accept a maximum of 1 new Challenge every day, as long as you have an available slot. Challenges do not expire, but you may abandon them. You can view your active Challenges in the Profile screen in the client.

Each Challenge is associated with a specific Pokemon Type and is given a different rarity depending on difficulty. As you complete Daily Challenges, you will have the opportunity to complete more difficult Challenges and unlock greater rewards.

Since you can only receive 1 new Challenge a day, the Daily Challenge system is not a sustainable option for extended Token grinding.

However, the reward highly justifies the amount of effort required, so completing Challenges is a great way to earn small chunks of Tokens every day.

​*Special Challenge* 

Like Daily Challenges, Special Challenges promote deck variation, strategic creativity, and reward frequent play as well. Prioritize completing all Special Challenges, as they usually provide a better reward than most Daily Challenges. However, they will be a little bit more harder to complete.


Unlike Daily Challenges, Special Challenges appear very rarely in the game. If possible, you should grind these out as they will offer great rewards.

Daily Challenge EXP Mechanics

Every Challenge has an associated rarity, which determines magnitude of reward and frequency of appearance. Successfully completing a Challenge yields EXP towards the specific Energy Type for that Challenge (Example: completing an Uncommon Psychic Challenge yields 2 Psychic EXP). As you gain EXP for each Energy Type, you unlock gameplay items.

Player Level Mechanics


- Available Challenges

Meaning: number of Challenges you have to choose from at the beginning of the day.
*Note: No matter the number of Available Challenges you have to choose from, you can only choose 1 new Challenge every day.

- Total Active Challenges

Meaning: maximum number of Challenges you can work on at a time.

Example 1: Player is Level 2, and 0 current Active Challenges. Player accepts a Challenge, but does not complete it during the same day. The next day, Player will not receive a new Challenge.

​Example 2: Player is Level 5, and 0 current Active Challenges. Player accepts a Challenge, but does not complete it during the same day. The next day, Player will receive a new Challenge. 


No matter your Player Level, you can only accept 1 new Challenge per day, so work on completing your Active Challenge(s) every chance you get. Once you reach Player Level 3, you can choose between 2 or more Challenges to accept. Always accept the Challenge with the highest rarity that you are capable of completing. You’ll earn greater rewards and you’ll increase your Player Level faster.

Once you reach maximum EXP on an Energy Type (i.e. reach Energy Level 3 and receive the Energy Deckbox for that Type), try to avoid accepting future Challenges of that Energy Type, unless the other Challenges are of lower rarity. , and you want to increase your Player Level to give Challenges with better rewards.

Once you reach Player Level 8, you will almost always have the chance to accept at least 1 Uncommon or Rare Challenge each day. So if you keep up with your Challenges, you can easily rake in 500+ Tokens worth of rewards every week!


Versus is the main source of rewards in PTCGO. The more you play, the more your Collection will grow! You’ll spend most of your time in this mode. 


In Versus, you play online against human opponents. You can play matches in the Standard, Expanded, Legacy, or Theme formats.

In the Standard, Expanded, and Legacy format, you must use a custom deck that you created in the Deck Manager.
In the Theme format, you must use a pre-constructed Theme deck.

Players are paired against opponents in a randomly assigned battle based on a match-making algorithm, though the details and criteria of the match-making algorithm are somewhat unknown. (Most likely W/L ratio of the deck you choose to use)

However, players are loosely paired against similar-skilled opponents. Players will still play in lopsided matches at times, but in general, opponents will be of approximately equal skill.

Daily Challenge Reward Mechanics

*In order to receive this reward, the following conditions must be met:

Match Result = Victory
Reward is always awarded

Match Result = Loss
If player forfeited: Match must have lasted at least 5:00 minutes

If player did not forfeit: Player must have put in “reasonable effort” to win game. Such as:

No “quick-loss” conditions (e.g. Super Scoop Up, AZ)
No “quick-turn” conditions (e.g. repeatedly ending turn without playing any cards)

Also in Versus, if you win against another player online, you progress through what is known as the "Versus Rewards Ladder". This is a Rewards based feature where you can acquire locked card, Trainer Tokens, Tournament Tickets, & Booster Packs!



Rewards are heavily favored towards winning. Thus, aim to spend the most amount of time playing “winning” matches and the least amount of time playing “losing” matches. When playing Random Battles, try to achieve the following list of objectives (in order of decreasing importance) in order to maximize your earned rewards.

No matter what strategy you employ during Random Battles, always keep in mind that you are playing against another person. Strive to treat your opponent with respect at all times.

- Choose An Advantageous Format.

Play a format for which you have the best-suited deck. If you don’t have many cards in your Collection yet, Theme may be the best format for you. If you have a strong constructed deck, then Standard/Expanded/Unlimited is likely the best format for you.

- Play Winning Decks.

Play a deck with which you have had success. Understand what your deck’s win conditions are and focus on achieving them.

- Play Fast Decks.

The faster you complete games, the more games you get to play. The more games you play, the more chances you have at spinning the Wheel and earning valuable Mystery Box rewards.

Don’t play decks that take a long time to search for cards in your deck, or decks that rely on Pokemon that take a long time to set up.
Example: Donphan (PLS) can often hit for 80 damage with Spinning Turn on Turn 2, and 140+ damage with Wreck by Turn 3/4. This often results in quick victories.

Example: Seismitoad-EX decks tend to slowly chip away at opponents for 30 or 50 damage each turn with Quaking Punch, and often have to draw through most of their deck before winning. This often results in slower victories.

- Forfeit Losing Games.

If the game has lasted at least 5 minutes and you have little or no chance to win, then forfeit and move on to the next game. You’ll still receive minimum rewards, and you can jump to another game in which you have a shot at more significant rewards.


Tournaments are the most competitive environment in PTCGO. If you have a strong deck and are knowledgeable in any certain format, you can earn the greatest rewards in this mode.


Tournaments offer rewards of Tokens, Tournament Tickets, Booster Packs, and other in-game items. Tournaments can be played in any format (Theme, Standard, & Expanded) and cost 4 Tickets, or 8 Tickets to enter. All Tournaments follow an 8-player single-elimination structure.

Reward Mechanics

All rewards are tradeable. Rewards occasionally vary during Special Events.​


- Only Play Tournaments If You Are Prepared.

In Tournaments, you will encounter players with polished decks and elite strategies. If you do not have a strong deck and a clear understanding of the format then you will likely waste your Tournament Tickets, or Tokens.

- Play A Format For Which You Have A Successful Deck.

Only play in formats that you know what you will be up against and with and only play with decks with which you are highly familiar.

Before entering a Tournament, you should know which decks are prolific in the format you are entering and have a strong understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your deck. You should confidently know how to approach favorable match-ups and have answers for unfavorable match-ups.

Play a large number of games with your deck in Random Battle before you play Tournaments with it.

Place Rewards (8-Ticket Entry)
1 6x Random Booster Packs, 400x Trainer Tokens
2 4x Random Booster Packs, 200x Trainer Tokens
3-4 2x Random Booster Packs, 100x Trainer Tokens
5-8 1x Uncommon Chest, 50x Trainer Tokens
Challenge (Player Level 6-15) Game Mode Reward Rarity
Do 800 damage with your [Random Type] Pokemon Random Battle 30 Tokens Common
Put 18 [Random Type] Evolution cards into play Random Battle 55 Tokens Uncommon
KO 24 Pokemon with your [Random Type] Pokemon Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare
Leave 20 opposing Pokemon Asleep Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare
Leave 24 opposing Pokemon Burned Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare
Leave 24 opposing Pokemon Confused Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare
Leave 20 opposing Pokemon Paralyzed Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare
Leave 20 opposing Pokemon Poisoned Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare
Challenge (Challenges 1-4) Game Mode Reward Rarity
Win a match with any [Water] Theme deck Any 25 Tokens 1st Challenge
Win a match with any [Fire] Theme deck Any 25 Tokens 2nd Challenge
Win a match with any [Grass] Theme deck Any 25 Tokens 3rd Challenge
Put 6 Basic [Psychic] Pokemon into Play Random Battle 5-card Pack 4th Challenge

Welcome To The Earning Tokens Guide!

Reward Condition
+1 Token 1-Star Completion (First win against a Trainer with any deck)
+1 Tokens 2-Star Completion
+1 Tokens 3-Star Completion
+1 Token, +1 Locked 10-Card Pack 4-Star Completion
+1 Locked 10-Card Pack 4-Star Completion for all Trainers in a League
Place Rewards (4-Ticket Entry)
1 3x Random Booster Packs, 200x Trainer Tokens
2 2x Random Booster Packs, 100x Trainer Tokens
3-4 1x Random Booster Packs, 50x Trainer Tokens
5-8 1x Uncommon Chest
Ladder Stage Points Required Reward
1 10 Trainer Tokens x25
2 30 Uncommon Chest x1
3 50 Pokemon Card x2
4 70 Trainer Tokens x50
5 100 Event Ticket x1
6 130 Pokemon Card x2/3
7 170 Locked Booster Pack x1
8 210 Pokemon-EX Card x1
9 270 Uncommon Chest x4
10 330 Trainer Tokens x100
11 410 Pokemon Card x2/3
12 490 Event Ticket x5
13 590 Trainer Tokens x225
14 690 Pokemon-EX Card x1
15 820 Rare Holo Chest x1
16 980 Locked Booster Pack x3
17 1170 Event Ticket x10
18 1400 Trainer Tokens x600
19 1670 Locked Booster Pack x5
20+ 2000 FA Trainer Card x1
Rarity Symbol Reward Frequency
Common circle 1 EXP high
Uncommon diamond 2 EXP medium
Rare star 3 EXP low
Tournament Wheel Rewards
Tokens 25
Tournament Tickets 1
Mystery Box 1


Player Level Available Challenges Total Active Challenges
0-2 1 1
3-4 2 1
5-7 2 2
8-9 3 2
10+ 3 3
Energy Level EXP Required Reward
0 Default N/A
1 5 Energy Coin
2 10 Energy Sleeve
3 20 Energy Deckbox
Challenge (Player Level 0-6) Game Mode Reward Rarity
Put 20 Basic [Fire/Grass/Water] Pokemon into play Any 25 Tokens Common
Put 20 Basic [Psychic] Pokemon into play Random Battle 25 Tokens Common
Put 15 [Fire/Grass/Water] Evolution cards into play Any 50 Tokens Uncommon
Put 15 [Psychic] Evolution cards into play Random Battle 50 Tokens Uncommon
KO 20 Pokemon with your [Fire/Grass/Water] Pokemon Any 5/10-card Pack Rare
Reward (Victor’s Mystery Box) Possible Amounts
Tokens 25, 50, 75, 100, 375
Tournament Tickets 1, 2, 3, 4
10-card tradable Pack 1
Challenge (Player Level 16+) Game Mode Reward Rarity
Do 1000 damage with your [Random Type] Pokemon Random Battle 35 Tokens Common
Put 10 [Random Type] Evolution cards into play Random Battle 60 Tokens Uncommon
KO 16 Pokemon with your [Random Type] Pokemon Random Battle 5/10-card Pack Rare