So your tired of playing Theme Decks, and want to move on to playing your own custom Standard, Expanded, or Legacy deck. This small guide will help you transition smoothly into doing so, while giving you the fastest way of doing so.

Where To Start

It's first recommended that you purchase a few Theme Decks in the shop to build up a small collection of staple cards you may need for deckbuilding.

Some great Theme Decks for this cause would be:

Twilight Rogue: Has some great Trainer Cards such as: Rescue Stretcher, Field Blower, Lilie, Cynthia, Pokemon Fan Club, & Professor Kukui. Also includes some Pokemon that can be useful in building your own custom decks, such as: Malamar.

​Wave Slasher: Has a great skeleton for a Greninja-BREAK deck, and some overall great water support cards.

Next Step

Start building up your Tournament Tickets. You can earn these several ways. See how to earn them in the Earning Rewards Guide.

After you built up a decent amount of Tournament Tickets go to the Events tab, and look for the Theme Deck tournaments going on that you can enter with Tickets.

When entering Theme Deck tournaments that cost tickets, you have the chance to win Booster Packs! It's with these Booster Packs that people use as currency to trade online for cards in the Trading section of the game.

It is a good idea to stockpile as many packs as you can that you win from Tournaments, because they are tradeable. It is important that you do not open these packs!

After awhile you should have a good stock of Booster Packs within your collection. Head off to trade for cards you need to build a custom deck that you desire. If you need ideas on good, or fun decks to build, be sure to check out the Decks section of this website!

*Always remember to know the value of Packs, and cards within the game as everything has individual values. You can learn all the information you need on values, & prices by checking out the Card Value Guide of this website as well.

Transitioning From Theme Decks To Custom Decks