Welcome To The Spending Tokens Guide!

Getting Started

So you're a new player and have some tokens and you don't know how to spend them? This is the place for you then.

First of all, there is no best way to spend tokens, but there are more efficient ways which will net you more cards in the long run to help you build a collection.

It's highly recommended for you to save and buy a couple theme decks to start off with.

Why theme decks?

Each theme deck contains a set of cards with some minor synergy (connection between the cards) in mind. They're not just randomly added unlike booster packs.

Collection wise, theme decks contain 5 rare cards (so in theory it's like buying 5 booster packs). You also get some nice Trainer and Item cards to help you in your future deck building.

On top of it all, if you beat 12 different AI trainers, you unlock a booster pack from that Theme Deck's era.

What does this mean?

Lets say you bought the Wave Slasher theme deck. You beat 12 different AI trainers and you get a BREAKpoint Booster pack after that! (That's a 6 pack value for 500 tokens!)

The same goes for the other decks. Let's say you bought Battle Ruler, if you beat 12 different AI trainers with that deck, you will get a Fates Collide bosster pack afterwards as a reward.

Which Theme Deck should I buy first?

Mach Strike is recommended as it has great cards within it that can be used to build your own Garchomp budget deck.

I just don't enjoy playing these Theme Decks. What do I do?

Just focus on whatever deck you like, there's too many types and styles. Not everybody plays to be the very best, but some do. Some decks do thrive more than others though. For now let's talk a bit about the decks that fare better.

Top 3 decks to buy:

Blazing Volcano

Mach Strike

Storm Caller

Honorific mentions:

Hydro Fury

Tropical Takedown

​Imperial Command

So what makes a Theme Deck good?

First of all, consistency in card draws, trainers, & solid Basic Pokemon. These are the backbone of most decks. If you can find a balance of Pokemon that can deal lots of damage quickly, & a decent Trainer list, you will have no problem defeating your opponents.

Some Theme Decks will also provide you with good Pokemon, & Trainer cards you can use later on when constructing your very own custom decks. All Theme Decks you obtain, you can use all the cards inside for custom deck-building as well for other Formats.

Also, the most important aspect of all Theme Decks to consider when choosing is: Less "Filler" Pokemon!

What's a filler Pokemon?

Take for instance the older Theme Deck: Aurora Blast. For some reason it features some Pokemon such as Swablu, Fletchling and Dunsparce which have no purpose in the deck, no reason to be, contribute nothing, they're just Ultra Ball fodder.

Now think you're in a tournament. Your first and only Pokemon is: Swablu. You draw a couple of cards over the next few turns getting no other Pokemon to play. You will eventually lose. Of course I've personally had some epic tournaments with Aurora Blast back in the day, where I would get lucky, & start with Articuno. I would then thin my deck by using it's attack: Finding Ice, and power up my Pokemon on the bench, with them ready to win the match for me afterwards. Never forget that after a certain amount of time, your odds in Theme Deck matches are always based more on luck. 

Now personal stories aside, All decks have filler Pokemon, but the less there are, the better the deck is.

I own all 3 decks now, what should I buy next?

Depending on how you want to continue playing the game. Some people are satisfied with playing Theme Deck their entire Pokemon playing career, while some others want to move on to a more competitive format. Such as Standard, or Expanded.

If wanting to move on to a more competitive format such as Standard, I would suggest purchasing Guardians Rising, and Sun/Moon: Base Set booster packs first. These 2 expansion sets have the most viable cards needed to construct a very good deck ready to dominate the current Meta. (Remember all packs bought in the in-game shop with Tokens are trade-locked).

For a more detailed list of "Staple Cards", be sure to check out the Staple Cards List in the Guide section of this website.

What is trade locked?

Trade locked cards have a little lock icon next to them, indicating they're unavailable for trade. Only cards redeemed by codes, and won by ticket-tournaments are unlocked.

Just to make it even clearer: The cards you obtain by using tokens, VS Ladder rewards, daily logins, victor's wheel, and challenges are all trade locked.

So is the only thing I can do with Tokens is use them for the shop? 

No, tokens are also used for Trades in the Trading section aspect of the game. Each trade you set up, it costs tokens depending on the amount of time you choose to let your trades be visible to other users online. 8 Hours = 8 Tokens, 24 Hours = 24 Tokens, and 48 Hours = 48 Tokens.

So how do I get cards I want without spending millions of Tokens on Packs?

You keep trade-able packs, and use them as currency. In the Pokemon TCG Online Game it's generally known on the Trade section that packs are used as currency. Remember that some packs are worth more than others, along with each card on the game having a defining price as well based on rarity, and how easy it is to obtain. Click on the Card Value Guide tab up top, for more information on Pack ratios, and card prices.

Can you give me some sort of strategy on how to utilize my time wisely?

I suggest you complete Tutorial first, along with the Trainer Challenges.
It will help you adapt to playing the game at a faster pace over time, so when you jump into Online Versus, you won't be overwhelmed. Also, completing Trainer Challenges with all your different Theme Decks will award you Booster Packs, & Tokens after you complete each threshold.

Follow up by participating in Theme Deck matches online in the Versus area. Climb the rewards ladder by collecting Event/Tournament tickets. Do your best, and stockpile the most Tickets you can.

Afterwards, enter Theme Deck Events/Tournaments. Do your best again, and now stockpile the Packs you win.

*In a Theme Deck tournament, it's suggested to use the most consistent decks, which at the moment of this update remains to be Imperial Command and Mack Strike.

​Over time you will have plenty of trade-able packs to use as currency on the Trading area to trade for cards you need to build a custom deck of your own!

Remember! When trading, use the Card Value Guide to be sure all your trades are fair, & accurate!

                                All opinions, & suggestions within this guide are OU7C4ST's.