Q. What are staple cards?

A. Staple cards are cards that are the basic foundation of almost any deck to help it run smoothly.

In Pokemon, the only true staple cards are going to be Trainer cards such as Supporters, & Items.

Some staple cards have been reprinted over, and over making them relatively cheap to obtain, while some have only been printed once, making them quite expensive over-time!

Below is a list of cards you should collect first when starting out, so you have the fundamental cards necessary to build decks in each respective format.

*Remember to keep in mind what format you would like to participate in, and only collect the cards that are playable in that format.

Tapu Lele 3 YES YES NO
Guzma 4 YES YES NO
Brigette 3 NO YES NO
Acerola 2 YES YES NO
Shrine of Punishment 4 YES YES NO
Escape Board 2 YES YES NO
Mysterious Treasure 2 YES YES NO
Beast Ring 2 YES YES NO
Choice Band 4 YES YES NO
Max Elixir 4 NO YES NO
Field Blower 3 YES YES NO
Rescue Stretcher 3 YES YES NO
Copycat 2 YES YES YES
Special Charge 3 NO YES NO
Po Town 3 YES YES NO
Lance (Prism) 1 YES YES NO
Victini (Prism) 1 YES YES NO
Diancie (Prism) 1 YES YES NO
Shaymin-EX 3 NO YES NO
Hoopa-EX 2 NO YES NO
Professor Sycamore 4 NO YES NO
Lysandre 2 NO YES NO
Pokemon Ranger 2 NO YES NO
Teammates 2 NO YES NO
Ninja Boy 2 NO YES NO
Cynthia 4 YES YES NO
Lilie 3 YES YES NO
Skyla 2 NO YES NO
Ultra Ball 4 YES YES YES
Crushing Hammer 4 YES YES YES
VS Seeker 4 NO YES NO
Trainers' Mail 4 NO YES NO
Acro Bike 4 YES YES NO
Fighting Fury Belt 4 NO YES NO
Level Ball 4 NO YES YES
Rare Candy 4 YES YES YES
Puzzle of Time 4 YES YES NO
Sky Field 4 NO YES NO
Tate & Liza 2 YES YES NO
Parallel City 3 NO YES NO
Float Stone 3 NO YES YES
Enhanced Hammer 3 YES YES NO
Switch 3 YES YES YES
Escape Rope 2 YES YES YES
Bursting Balloon 2 NO YES YES
Super Rod 2 NO YES YES
Silent Lab 2 NO YES NO
Mewtwo-EX (X-Ball) 3 NO YES YES
Keldeo-EX 2 NO YES YES
Jirachi-EX 2 NO YES YES
Professor Juniper 4 NO YES YES
Colress 3 NO YES YES
Xerosic 2 NO YES YES
Robo Substitute 4 NO YES NO
Super Scoop Up 4 YES YES YES
Battle Compressor 4 NO YES NO
Hypnotoxic Laser 4 NO YES YES
Colress Machine 4 NO YES YES
Muscle Band 4 NO YES NO
Superior Energy Retrieval 3 NO YES YES
Dimension Valley 3 NO YES NO
Virbank City Gym 3 NO YES YES
Head Ringer 2 NO YES NO
Random Receiver 2 NO YES YES
Professor Letter 2 NO YES NO
Silver Bangle 2 NO YES YES
Tool Scrapper 2 NO YES YES
Startling Megaphone 2 NO YES NO
Pokemon Catcher 2 YES YES YES
Skyarrow Bridge 2 NO YES YES
Computer Search 1 NO YES YES
Dowsing Machine 1 NO YES YES
Scoop Up Cyclone 1 NO YES YES
Rock Guard 1 NO YES YES
Dual Ball 2 NO NO YES
Junk Arm 4 NO NO YES