Theme Deck Reviews

Theme Deck The Good The Bad Rating
Relentless Flame Under Review. Under Review * * * * *
Torrential Cannon Under Review. Under Review * * * *
Blazing Volcano Great combos that include Magcargo, Entei. Good supporting Pokemon such as Shuckle, and Houndoom. Supporters are great. Pokemon hit for big damage for very few energy based on conditions met. I, OU7C4ST, currently view this the B.D.I.F. While the deck has heavy hitters, you can find yourself taking a few turns to set up the combos if you don't get an optimal starting hand. This can give the opponent time to set up more solid Pokemon. * * * * *
Storm Caller Under Review. Under Review * * * *
Hydro Fury Excellent counter deck against Mach Strike. Great Trainer cards including: Tate & Liza, Copycat, and Lillie. Swampert has both an amazing ability to draw more cards, & a heavy hitting attack. Most viable Pokemon are Stage 1, & Stage 2. Might take a little time to set up more than other decks. * * * * *
Leaf Charge Manectric, and Sceptile are great attackers. Deck includes Oranguru, which is a great staple card in many custom decks due to it's ability being universal for any deck. Great Supporter cards including: Guzma, Tate & Liza, Lillie, and Copycat. Energies in deck are well balanced in-line with the Pokemon included in the deck. Most decent attacks in this deck are not only costly with energies, but also involve Stage 1, and Stage 2 Pokemon. * * * *
Tropical Takedown Strong draw and search with cheap and hard hitting attacks. Additionally, your main attacker will hit for weakness against some pokemon from the other top decks. The draw is necessary to get your attacks online, very rarely will you be able to just attach and go. Your damage caps at 140 with Kukui, which isn't enough to 1-hit KO some pokemon from the other decks. * * * *
Twilight Rogue Energy acceleration, good draw pokemon and a strong supporter line allow you to get going quite reliably. No Ultra Ball and attacks dependent on the opponent's board can make things hard if you whiff Dusknoir against smart opponents. * * * *
Imperial Command You have good attacks for 2 energy, reliable energy acceleration and good draw. Manaphy is a good stall option as well. Can be difficult to get KO's early game if you don't find Floatzel. * * * *
Mach Strike You have the most consistently powerful attack in the format, and you'll always be able to find Garchomp thanks to Ascension. Lucario makes setting up your next Garchomp very easy, assuming you can find him. Needing 3 energy to use Royal Blades on Garchomp means you can fall behind against other decks that only need 2 energy to do big attacks. * * * * *
Clanging Thunder Alolan Raichu is a great attacker. Decent Trainers for your collection. This Deck is also a great counter to the Hidden Moon Theme Deck. Lackluster Pokemon that really don't pack too much of a punch, and if they do there is a knockback on their end. * * *
Destruction Fang Hydreigon, and Bewear are amazing attackers within the Theme Deck format. Trainers work well within this deck to help evolve Pokemon faster. Only the evolved Pokemon really have decent attacks. So this deck may be a bit slow at times to get things rolling if you get a bad starting hand. * * *
Rock Steady While Lycanroc is a great attacker in this deck, Meowstic is the deadliest if used correctly. By using Trainer cards that help you draw more cards, you can deal some serious damage. While most attacks are good, majority take 3 or more energy to use. Thus, the deck may be too slow to be consistently reliable. * * *
Luminous Frost 2x Alolan Ninetales for your collection, which is a great barricade against EX, and GX Pokemon. Very decent Trainer cards that work well with this unique deck. Most basic Pokemon aren't that powerful. You really need to get the Stage 1 Pokemon out to do any real damage. * * *
Hidden Moon Lunala, while a Stage 2, has strong potential to easily KO every Pokemon in the Theme Deck format, with it's attack: Shatter Shot. It deals 40x the number of Psychic energies attached to it. With 12 Psychic energies in your deck, you won't be running out anytime soon! With other decent Pokemon, and a solid Trainer/Supporter lineup, it's easy to debate this deck is currently the best! Just a few basic "filler" Pokemon such as Mimikyu, and Oricorio to a lesser extent. * * * *
Steel Sun Great Pokemon. Solgaleo being able to hit any Pokemon on the opponent's field for 50 damage for 2 energies is quite underrated. With Pokemon in the deck that have decent abilities such as Dhelmise and Oricori, this deck is a top contender! Hard to honestly list any. Just your basic filler Pokemon. * * *
Forest Shadow Solid 3-2-2 lineup of Decideye for your collection. Decent draw supporters. No real heavy hitters. The ones that are, could backfire through attack effects. * * *
Roaring Heat Many different ways to attack your opponent quickly, and hard early. Also, has great potential for late-game, as you may find yourself building Pokemon up on the bench throughout the game. Couple filler Pokemon, and useless Trainer cards. * * *
Bright Tide Primarina is the MVP. Low energy costs for BIG attacks, and has confusion as a disruption. The water Pokemon are your friends in this deck. Too many filler Pokemon, and lackluster draw support could make this deck slow in bad situations. * * *
Mewtwo Mayhem Cool Flipcoin, and old-style artwork for some cards. Just get this deck for nostalgia. Everything. *
Pikachu Power Cool Flipcoin, Raichu is a decent attacker if combo'ed correctly with his 1st, and 2nd attack. Just get this deck for nostalgia. Basically all Pokemon have worthless attacks. Beedrill would have the best potential if it wasn't limited to 2 in the deck. *
Born of Fire Great Pokemon lineup. Has great Trainer cards such as: Professor Sycamore, Lysandre, & Giovanni's Scheme. Also has 2x Burning Energy cards. Too many basic fire energies, 23 is a bit excessive. Starting with Snorlax could make the game start off slow. * * *
Hidden Depths Gyarados is a heavy hitter that can turn the game around instantly. Dewgong can also get you out of tough situations. Amazing Trainers including: Skyla, Wally, N, & Fisherman. Filler Pokemon, Lack of good item cards, & too many energies. * * *
Crushing Current Raichu + Sky Field makes a deadly combo! Zapdos, & Electrode are also great attackers as well. 2x Double Colorless Energies also included. Besides the 3 Pokemon listed in "The Good" this deck has mediocre filler Pokemon, but they can still hit heavy. A few lackluster Trainers. * * *
Gears of Fire Heavy hitters in the form of KlingKlang, & Volcanion. Ample ways to get energy throughout the match. Ninja Boy is great to get out Volcanion. Persian can surprisingly turn a match around. Very few filler Pokemon. A little slow to set up. Could use better draw support such as Professor Sycamore instead of 2x Tierno to throw fire energies away to help Volcanion's 1st attack effect. * * *
Ring of Lightning If you get Hoopa or Gavantula built within first couple of turns, it's hard to lose. Ninja boy is ideal to just use for Hoopa or Joltik if you already have Gavantula in your hand. Good ratio of energies between Lightning & Psychic. If you don't start quickly with Hoopa, or Gavantula the game becomes dragged out, where most likely your opponent will succeed in building stronger Pokemon than you. This deck is about spread damage, which can hurt you more in the Theme Deck format, than help you. * *
Sky Guardian Delphox's Psystorm attack is the MVP of this deck. Energy balance is also good. Plenty of high HP Pokemon such as Lugia, & Snorlax to help you survive a couple needed turns to build something on the bench. Lugia has decent HP for a basic, but it's attack is lackluster due to it's attack effects only working really good against EX Pokemon. Something we sadly don't see in the Theme Deck format. * * *
Battle Ruler A deck that does surprisingly well for the amount of different Pokemon in it, with a Seperior line that is reminiscent of the B/W: Basic Green deck. Decent supporters as well. While the deck does do well, it can become very inconsistent if you start off with bad hands. You find yourself getting Pokemon you don't need at the moment, more than getting the correct ones. * * *
Electric Eye Evolved Pokemon have very good attacks that deal some decent damage, & have good attack effects, such as Luxray, & Zebstrika. Hypno can also help you get out of sticky situations, but is a bit luck based due to coin flips. Mostly all pre-evolved Pokemon deal very little to no damage, or take 2 off-color energies to be effective. Double Colorless energy is very needed in this deck to be viable. * *
Wave Slasher A great skeleton for creating your own Greninja BREAK deck. Decent energy balance, & almost all your Pokemon have attack effects. I would recommend this being the first Theme Deck you buy. Could drop the Cloyster lineup, to include more Frogadiers, & Greninjas. Also, while Fighting Fury Belt is a great tool card overall, it serves real no purpose but the early game, as all your main attackers will be evolved Pokemon. * * *
Burning Strike Raichu and Magnezone are great cards for your collection. Too many "Discard an energy" attacks make it too energy dependent. * *
Night Striker Zoroark, Noivern, & Gengars are great attackers in this deck, while also having a great influence in decks outside the Theme Deck format. A must buy to get these cards for your collection. This deck is only bogged down by too many filler Pokemon. * * *
Stone Heart Good Pokemon for your collection such as a Vileplume line, Combees, & Ariados. Attacks cost to much energy for the returning value you see on damage output. Also, this deck has one of the highest potentials in Theme Deck. Sadly the lack of the stadium card: Forest of Giant Plants, turns this A- deck, into a C- at best. * *
Iron Tide Solid competitive deck. Regice is a great addition to any starter's collection. Requires some time and luck for a proper set up. * * *
Aurora Blast A fun deck with some great cards and strategies. Early Articuno can help you never be energy depleted, & help you thin out your deck. While Salamence is good, with the inclusion of the Double Dragon Energy, it's attacks are too variable based, & costly of energies. Also, way too many filler creatures such as Swablu, Victini, Dunsparce, & Fletchling. * *
Storm Rider Zapdos can be deadly if set up quickly. Dragonite is decent as well due to the inclusion of the Double Dragon Energy card . If you don't get any decent attackers early, it's pretty much game over. Too many filler Pokemon that serve real no purpose. * * *
Ocean's Core Kyogre, Milotic, & Whiscash are your main attackers. Rough Seas helps keep that damage off your water Pokemon. The inclusion of fire type Pokemon serve real no purpose but to make you dead draw. Also, while this deck has potential, it fails as it truly never lets you fully evolve your Pokemon. No Swampert, or Blaziken. * *
Earth Pulse Medicham, & Bibarel can be fun, & powerful attackers. A very decent list of Supports as well! While this deck does contain nice attackers, they are mostly evolved Pokemon, which may cause this deck to become to slow to fend off your opponent if they get a decent start. * * *
Burning Winds Yanmega, & Pyroar serve to be the 2 best Pokemon in this deck. Attacks can be good, but are based on certain conditions As stated, Pokemon are decent but only when meant with certain conditions. Talonflame, while a decent attacker, has a downside where it takes extra damage after attacking on your opponents next turn. *
Bolt Twister Includes Joltiks for those looking to build a Night March deck. Pokemon in this deck are overall weak, and no decent Trainers to make up for it. A promising deck if they included a few more Nightmarch Pokemon. *
Dark Hammer One the most consistent Theme Decks that have been released in the past. Amazing attackers, amazing Trainer cards such as: 2x Korrina, & 2x Professor Sycamores. The only real thing that can go wrong, is primarily RNG. Such as starting off with drawing a bad hand, or your opponent building something rather quickly. * * * *
Enchanted Echo Sylveons can be fun and disruptive under the proper circumstances (giving unnecessary energy to a benched pokemon etc). It's good with a proper early game set up. These x4 Eevees are the best for your collection (if you plan to use "Eeveelutions"). A handful of filler cards. * *
Brilliant Thunder A few good stalling cards, and good Trainers such as: Blacksmith, Startling Megaphone, Evo Soda, & Fiery Torch. A deck that could be more consistent with the addition of Double Colorless Energies fall short because too many attackers require 3-4 energies. * *
Mystic Typhoon Dusclops, & Meowstic make for a deadly combo with moving damage counters around, with the possibility of Duskull placing weak Pokemon from your opponents discard pile back onto their bench with it's Revival attack. Excellent Trainer cards as well: Muscle Band, Professor Sycamore, & Evo soda. A couple filler Pokemon, useless Feebas/Miltoic line, & Miltank can only get +Damage from 1 Wailrein in the entire deck. * * *
Resilient Life 2x Geomancy Xerneas, 1x Fairy Transfer Aromatisse, 1x Sycamore & a source for 11 Fairy energy cards. Any good attacks take 3-4 energies, & most Pokemon in this deck are filler. * *
Destruction Rush Great Pokemon, including Oblivion Wing Yveltal, Krookodile line, & Dugtrio for quick/heavy damage. Handful of filler Pokemon, & lackluster Trainer cards. * * *
Chespin Chestnaught with 150HP, nothing else really. Deck is absolutely horrible with filler Pokemon that serve no real purpose. Aside from a decent Chestnaught lineup, this deck includes too many energy cards to be anywhere near consistent. *
Fennekin Has a decent Delphox lineup, that could introduce beginner's to building a Delphox BREAK deck. With good energy attachment, you can hit a good amount of damage, early on. Random filler Pokemon that serve no real purpose, and lackluster Trainer cards. * *
Froakie With good luck, this deck can hit hard, fast. Good Trainer cards as it includes: 2x Crushing Hammer, & 2 Switch. Too many attackers rely on coin flips, making this deck's W/L ratio heavily based on luck. Too many steel energies(especially with the deck lacking a Professor's Letter) make energy attachment in this deck uneven at times for Water attackers. * *
XY Red Overall, a deck that does well based on your opponent's plays. Entei with it's Combat Blaze attack, does 20+ every benched Pokemon on their side of the field. Making it possibly, your best attacker. Rapidash helps stall in sticky situations, along with hitting multiple Pokemon with it's Overrun attack. This deck makes up for it's average attackers with amazing Trainer cards: 2x Trainer Mail, 2x Professor Birch, 2x Blacksmith, 1x Steven, & 1x Escape Rope. Few filler Pokemon, and couple useless items. * * *
XY Green Amazing Chestnaught lineup, that makes your opponent think twice before attack, due to Chestnaut's Spiky Shield ability, dishing out 30 damage to any Pokemon that attack it. Noticeable good Trainer cards include: 1x Lysandre, 1x Professor Sycamore, 1x VS Seeker, & 1x Ace Trainer. 2x Double Colorless Energies also help speed up getting big attacks ready. Very little negative about this deck. Could use a couple more trainers, and couple less Grass energies. * * *
XY Blue So good, it got nerfed after it's introduction. Has plenty of heavy hitters such as Gyarados, & Greninja. Corsola with it's 1 colorless energy attack: "Refresh", makes it annoying for your opponent early game as it heals itself for 30, & removes all status conditions. Articuno's "Find Ice" attack, which costs 1 water, gets 3 Water energies from your deck, and places them into your hand. Also, amazing Trainer cards for your collection, including: 2x Acro Bike, 2x Dive Ball, 1x Team Flare Grunt, 1x Rough Seas, & 2x Muscle Bands. There is a reason why this deck is widely considered the BDIF. Did I mention it's FREE?! None. * * *